Welcome to my page. I created this site in order to help organise my thoughts and projects in English Language teaching, and to provide a space to share some of my lesson plans.

About Me

I started teaching English as a foreign language in 2009. It doesn’t shame me to say that I gave some pretty awful lessons back then. Through many years of working in some great (and not-so-great) schools, and engaging with the theoretical side of Second Language Acquisition, I’m slowly understanding what it means to teach (and learn) a second language.

I currently teach at the University of Barcelona’s modern language school, and my classes there inform most of my blog posts. I’m also taking the Trinity Dip.TESOL, and the Dip section of the website is where I’m dumping my ideas and practice essays.

Recent Posts

Mock Exam: Section 1

This is the part of the exam in which we have to complete some short-answer questions, usually focussed on our technical knowledge of the subject we teach. There’s such a wide range of possible topics that it seems futile to try to memorise any references, but it does seem smart (and possible) to commit a … Continue reading Mock Exam: Section 1

Mock Exam: Section 2

Here’s an extract from a Dip.TESOL paper from 2017. It’s taken from Section 2 – in this part of the exam, you have to choose one essay-style question from a choice of three. I chose this question because “principled eclecticism” is something that seems to come up often in this course, both in the exam … Continue reading Mock Exam: Section 2

A Speakout Named Desire

The teacher was me, and the reflections are mine. But it’s a problem faced by many language teachers who use a coursebook: how do we reconcile student expectations (which often derive from being asked to spend €30-40 on their book) with what we know we can realistically achieve in a 100-hour course? It’s a problem … Continue reading A Speakout Named Desire

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